What Are the Types of Home Kitchen Appliances?

Ovens, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves and coffee makers are all types of kitchen appliances. Generally speaking, kitchen appliances fall into two main categories: small kitchen appliances, such as tea kettles, and large kitchen appliances, like under-counter ice makers.

An oven is an example of a large kitchen appliance. Some ovens stand alone on the kitchen floor, while others are built-in units that sit higher up off the ground in a cabinet setup. Some consumers choose single ovens, whereas others choose double ovens with a top and a bottom compartment. Some ovens work via a traditional heating element, whereas others are fan assisted or convection models.

A coffee maker is an example of a small kitchen appliance. Some coffee makers are simple models featuring a warming plate, a glass carafe and a water reservoir. More complex coffee makers brew espresso and cappuccino and come with additional options like a milk-frothing device. Others brew single servings of coffee using disposable miniature cups.

Many people furnish their kitchens with both small and large kitchen appliances. The number and type of appliances depend on the individual or family's needs. Sometimes, people renovate their kitchens around specific appliances; sometimes, consumers replace their older appliances with new appliances that fit into their kitchens' existing layouts.