What Are the Types of Hinges Available for Cabinets?

What Are the Types of Hinges Available for Cabinets?

Some types of cabinet door hinges include: butt, European, knife, motorized and surface-mount hinges. The choice of hinges affects the overall appearance and performance of cabinets.

Butt hinges are traditional hinges consisting of two plates with interlocking fingers that form a barrel. The fingers are secured with a pin. One plate is attached to the cabinet, and the other is attached to the door. A deluxe butt hinge has elongated mounting slots for adjusting doors horizontally and vertically and ensuring a correct fit. Butt hinges are suitable for full inset doors.

European hinges are concealed hinges that are popular on frameless cabinets but are also available for face-frame cabinets. They have a cup that rests in a circular mortise at the back of the door and a mounting plate that secures to the cabinet. These hinges provide adjustment in two or three directions.

Knife hinges are shaped like scissors, with one-half of the hinge mounting to the top or bottom edge of the door, and the other half mounting to the horizontal cabinet edge, directly above or below the door.

A motorized hinge requires the drilling of a mortise or hole in the cabinet or door in order to fit the hinge leaves for proper mounting.

A surface-mount hinge is a type of hinge that does not require drilling a hole or mortise in the cabinet or door to mount it. The hinge simply mounts to the surface.