What Are Some Types of Hibachi Barbecue Grills?


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There are two categories of hibachi barbecue grills, charcoal-fired and gas-fired, and each can feature metal or ceramic construction. The Lodge Sportsmen, manufactured by The Lodge Manufacturing company, is an American-made charcoal-fired hibachi grill constructed of cast iron. It features a sliding draft door and an adjustable grill grate. The Char-Broil tabletop gas grill is a gas-fired hibachi grill designed for easy portability. Constructed of quality steel materials, it's suitable for use in a variety of different locations.

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Gas-fired hibachi barbecue grills use propane to fuel their heating elements. A small propane tank attached to a valve located at the bottom of the grill produces flammable vapors that allow for cooking at a consistent temperature. Gas-fired hibachi grills are ideal for people who dislike charcoal aftertaste and prefer pure-tasting meats.

Charcoal-fired hibachi grills use lit charcoal to heat food. Most charcoal hibachi grills feature adjustable racks that allow users to change the distance between the charcoal and the grilled food as well as vents to regulate heat. Charcoal adds a subtle taste to grilled foods, which many people desire.

As of 2015, the majority of hibachi grills feature metal construction. Metal hibachis are more durable than ceramic hibachis and radiate heat better for more even cooking. Ceramic hibachis are typically used as decorative pieces.

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