What Types of Hardware Does Lowe's Offer in Canada?

What Types of Hardware Does Lowe's Offer in Canada?

Types of hardware Lowe's offers in Canada include hinges, toilet paper holders, towel racks and towel rings, screws, anchors and hardware for shower doors. The retailer also offers galvanized steel mesh, tarp or rope hooks, L-shaped shelf supports and robe and garment hooks. Other hardware on offer includes lockable gate latches, brackets, barrel bolts, door stops and drawer hardware.

Many of these types of hardware are manufactured by companies such as Stanley-National, AmerTac, Moen, Blue Hawk and Taymor. Kohler, ClosetMaid, Pylex, Cobra and Delta Faucet are other brands.

Lowe's in Canada offers hinges for both doors and cabinets. One cabinet hinge is made of satin nickel and is self-closing. It is 1.5 inches high and 3.5 inches wide. Other mortise cabinet hinges have satin brass tone and zinc plate finishes. The bathroom hardware by Moen is made of brushed nickel or chrome and comes in sets of three.

Shelf supports are bought in packs of 20 and are not all of metal. One group of shelf supports are in brown plastic and are made to hold bookshelves. Other shelf supports are made of steel or brass.

Cabinet knobs come in a variety of styles, including T-bars, knobs and cut crystal. Others are decorative and come in the shapes of flowers, mushrooms or abstract designs. They are made of painted ceramic, bronze, chrome and brushed metals.