What Are Types of Hanging Plants?

Types of hanging plants include flowering, foliage, vegetable, fruit and herb plants. According to Gardening Know How, all types of plants can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Flowering plants that can be hung include fuchsia, chenille, ivy geranium, silver bells and tuberous begonia. Foliage plants include ferns, ivy and sweet potato vines. Vegetables and fruit include strawberries, beans, cherry tomatoes and peppers. Herbs include mint, marjoram, thyme and chives. These examples are not all-inclusive. Almost any kind of plant can be grown in as a hanging plant.

According to About.com, the best plants for a hanging basket are types that flow over the sides and hang down, such as ivy and sweet potato vines. About.com recommends choosing the plant based on the type and amount of sunlight that it is going to receive. For example, fuchsias prefer full to partial shade and sweet potato vines prefer full sun. Most plants have a tag that notes the type of environment is best for the plant.

About.com also notes that if the type of plant that you use grows upright rather than trailing over the sides, it's best to place the hanger on or close to the ground. If a non-trailing flowering plant is hung at eye level, the leaves and stems are visible rather than the flowers.