What Are Some Types of Furniture That Convert Into a Bed?

What Are Some Types of Furniture That Convert Into a Bed?

Common types of furniture that convert into beds are futons, sleeper sofas and Murphy beds. Less common types include sleeper chairs, transforming beds, and folding versions of chairs, sofas and love seats.

Futons are among the most common and simplest types of furniture that convert into beds. While the word "futon" only refers to the mattress itself in the original Japanese, modern Western futons consist of a mattress with a folding frame. In the compact position, a futon functions like a small sofa, and when it is extended, it serves as a bed.

A sleeper sofa is a piece of furniture that looks and functions like a regular sofa, but contains a folding mattress and frame. Typically, sleeper sofas feature sturdy metal spring frames and full-size mattresses, which makes them more expensive than futons. Sleeper chairs function exactly the same way as sleeper sofas, but contain much smaller folding beds.

Murphy beds have a horizontal position for sleeping, but fold vertically along or into walls during the day. Older Murphy beds functioned purely as a way to conserve space and didn't have any additional functionality, but many modern Murphy beds incorporate desks, storage space or other useful features into their designs.

Folding chairs and sofas are pieces of furniture that feature multiple folding mats or cushions. Because these pieces of furniture have no mechanical parts, they are much more affordable than other types of convertible furniture, though they are often less comfortable or supportive than more expensive pieces.