What Types of Foods Are Best Processed With a Magic Bullet Blender?


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The Magic Bullet blender is most effective at processing small ingredients, such as berries, nuts and coffee beans, or tender fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and bananas. Customers also find it useful for grinding spices, grating cheese and pureeing foods for babies.

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According to various reviews, customers noticed that blending small, semi-soft ingredients helped the Magic Bullet run more smoothly and process foods within the advertised time of 10 seconds. As a result, most owners use the unit to make smoothies, protein drinks, fruit juice blends and single-serve soups. While some customers reported difficulty crushing ice in the small cup, many owners are able to make frozen coffee drinks, milkshakes and slushie drinks by powering up the blender in short cycles and allowing it rest briefly after each pulse. The same method was necessary for blending large frozen fruit.

When making sauces or spreads, customers considered the Magic Bullet best for making smoother concoctions, such as pesto, pasta sauce or cheese dip. Some customers consider the blender useful for making salsa, but the majority complained that the blender's one-speed design makes it difficult to maintain a chunky consistency. Customers who frequently bake used the Magic Bullet to quickly break down ingredients such as graham crackers to make crumble crusts.

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