Why Types of Foods Can You Use in a Bravetti Deep Fryer?


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Bravetti deep fryers are appropriate for cooking vegetables, meats and sweets that are either fresh or frozen. Bravetti makes several models of deep fryers, but the same types of foods can be fried in any of them.

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Common foods cooks put in Bravetti deep fryers include French fries, chicken fingers, mushrooms, onion rings and battered shrimp. Cooks can buy these foods frozen or prepare them fresh at home. The method for cooking frozen foods is different, though. Cooks need to fill the fryer basket with less of the food before immersing it in the hot oil. For instance, a cook can fry 1 pound of freshly sliced potatoes to make French fries. However, cooks can only fry 3/4 of a pound of frozen French fries at a time. Likewise, cooks need to watch the temperature of the hot oil when frying numerous batches of frozen items.

Common recipes for deep fryers include fish and chips, chicken, fry bread, donuts and egg rolls. Some foods are battered ahead of time, including fish, chicken and even sweets, such as candy bars. Other foods get fried directly, such as dough to make donuts or fry bread. Most Bravetti models are not large enough for frying a turkey or other whole birds, though. The bird needs to be cut into pieces ahead of time before being immersed in the fryer.

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