What Types of Flooring Does Home Depot Offer?

What Types of Flooring Does Home Depot Offer?

The Home Depot offers laminate, hardwood, tile and vinyl flooring, among others. Customers who purchase flooring through The Home Depot can also opt to have the flooring installed by Home Depot flooring-installation professionals. Customers can make a flooring-measurement appointment through HomeDepot.com to receive an installation quote.

HomeDepot.com also offers a selection of how-to videos to assist customers in choosing and installing flooring. Videos include "What are the different types of hardwood flooring?" and "What are the benefits of laminate flooring?"

The Home Depot carries many different options of flooring within each of its flooring material categories. The wood flooring options are solid and engineered hardwood, bamboo and cork flooring, while tile flooring options include ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and mosaic.

The flooring options that are sold by The Home Depot are also organized by color. For example, customers can not only decide which hardwood flooring they want based on material, but also whether they want tan, natural or orange finishes as well. Other hardwood color options include red, brown and grey.

To assist customers even further in selecting flooring, HomeDepot.com provides "Best For" categories that specify the benefits of each flooring material. Natural hardwood floors, for example, are best for longevity and can be refinished to maintain the wood's natural beauty, while engineered hardwood is best for stability in damp and dry areas.