What Types of Fences Are Available for Backyard Gardens?


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Options for garden fences include decorative styles, such as picket and split-rail fences, and fences to keep animals out, such as chain-link, welded-wire, chicken-wire and electric fencing. The two main materials for fences are wood and metal, with some decorative fencing options available in low-maintenance vinyl.

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Decorative garden fences work well for gardeners who want to add to the visual aesthetic of the garden, such as creating a backdrop for a flower garden. A classic wooden picket fence creates a traditional garden feel. Decorative fences are often low and may have large gaps between the slats like the rails on a split-rail fence. These types of fences don't keep pets, kids or wild animals away from the garden.

For gardeners who want to keep deer, rabbits and other animals out of the garden, a functional fence is a better option. Fences made from metal, with only small gaps, help block animals from entering the garden. Chain-link fencing is at the lower end of the price range, but welded-wire fences, such as those designed for livestock, are more durable.

Chicken-wire is best for keeping out small animals, such as rabbits or small pets. Rabbit-guard fencing is similar but has mesh with smaller gaps at the bottom changing to gradually larger gaps toward the top. Electric fencing helps keep animals out, but it can be dangerous to children.

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