What Types of Fasteners Does U-Bolt-It Sell?


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U-Bolt-It sells fasteners such as bolts, screws, pins, washers and drill bits. The company also sells lifting hardware, cable ties, u-bolts, hex nuts and anchors. The brand features several types of bolts, including grade 8, L-9 hex head, carriage, hook and metric grade A-4. The brand’s socket fasteners include shoulder bolts, cap screws, set screws, jack bolts and slotted set screws.

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U-Bolt-It makes a broad range of standard and custom-made fasteners for various applications, including industrial, commercial, marine and off-shore. The brand makes fasteners using materials such as stainless steel alloys, carbon steel, titanium, silicon bronze and exotic metals. It also uses alloys such as Monel, Hastalloy, Incoloy and Inconel. U-Bolt-It makes dowel, spring and spiral pins for industrial applications. Spring pins feature longitudinally slit hollow cylinders that allow equal distribution of stress.

U-Bolt-It makes standard threaded bolts that are used with standard nuts, washers and couplers. The bolts have a range of applications, including agriculture, plumbing, fabrication and electrical. The brand also sells several types of drill bits in standard, fractional and metric sizes.

The brand’s anchoring fasteners include sleeve anchors, toggle bolts, wedge anchors, lag screw shields and wedge anchors. Anchor bolts find use in structural frame connections, while lag shield anchors help connect stairs and elevator tracks to building frames.

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