What Are Some Types of European Furniture?


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Current European furniture is normally classified as Dutch furniture, Spanish furniture, French or wrought iron furniture. Among these types of European furniture, Dutch furniture is considered to be the most simple and traditional.

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Since Dutch furniture is typically lightweight and versatile, it can be used freely in both a home or office setting. While this furniture is more practical, Spanish furniture tends to be more decor-oriented. This kind of furniture mainly consists of fully decorated dark wood. The craftsmanship is so refined that even the nails used in Spanish furniture are carefully designed.

French furniture shifts more toward an traditional style and is made mainly from timber. No matter where it's found, French furniture always seems to take on a rustic, delicate and decorative feel. Wrought iron furniture is especially common throughout Europe. Furniture classified as wrought iron isn't necessary made solely from iron, however. Furniture of this type is often made from a combination of both wrought iron and wood.

While these are the most common types of European furniture, homeowners looking to decorate their rooms in this style have other options to consider as well. As of 2014, mosaic tiled furniture is perhaps the most popular trend in Europe and adds style to many decor themes.

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