What Are Some Types of Eco-Friendly Windows?


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Many eco-friendly windows use wood or fiberglass frames and triple-pane glass for best results. While wood frames are the most environmentally friendly, fiberglass frames come a close second because of their durability and great insulating performance. Triple-pane windows offer additional insulation over the more standard double-pane versions at only slightly higher prices.

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When choosing wood frames, homeowners should look out for manufacturers who use local materials from sustainable sources. Frames from reclaimed wood are particularly eco-friendly. Wood frames should be high-quality and well-made to avoid mold, and they need to be treated to protect them from moisture. Fiberglass frames can be almost as eco-friendly as wood, and along with their strong insulating capacity and durability, they are much less energy-intensive to make than frames made from vinyl.

The most prominent and environmentally important part of any window is the glass. Manufactures inject an innocuous gas in between the standard double panes of most conventional windows to enhance insulation capacity. With triple-pane windows, this feature is doubled because an extra barrier is put in place against the elements, helping keep the home at a comfortable temperature in a very eco-friendly manner. Manufacturers can further improve the insulation properties of window glass by coating it with an undetectable layer of silver nitrate, a barrier against ultra-violet light.

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