What Types of Downspout Diverters Does Lowes Carry?

Lowe's carries various brands of rain barrel. Diverters redistribute rainfall from the downspout into a separate container while the rest flows into the yard or drain.

Lowe's carries two brands of rain barrels: Rain Wizard and STC. Both of these barrels are made from plastic and come in 50- to 52-gallon sizes. The Rain Wizard rain barrel with diverter and spigot comes in a variety of different colors so that homeowners can match the barrel to their home's color or ?surrounding foliage. The barrel is made of ultraviolet-resistant resin that doesn't fade or lose its color when exposed to the sun, while the spigots are made of brass and last for a long time. These barrels can be linked together, but the kit for that is sold separately. There are also 40-gallon barrels available from STC, but these do not include diverters. Some 50-gallon STC rain barrels are also available without diverters.

The STC brand is made to hold 52 gallons of water and is also available without a diverter. The style with a diverter has a latched lid and two built-in overflow spouts. The barrel is not decorative, but it is effective in instances where a larger barrel is needed.