What Types of Dishwashers Are for Sale Online?


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Dishwasher types available for purchase online include built-in, portable, drawer and countertop. Each type of dishwasher varies depending on design, price, size, set up and installation methods.

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Available in two sizes, standard and compact, built-in dishwashers are installed underneath kitchen countertops. Standard built-in dishwashers have a width of 24 inches, while compact models have a width of 18 inches. The installation of these machines requires additional plumbing lines for water during cleaning cycles.

Portable dishwashers must be connected to kitchen faucets with a hose or an adaptor. These dishwashers, similar in size to standard built-in dishwashers, can be moved easily. Manufactured for small homes, apartments and other spaces without dedicated dishwasher plumbing lines, portable dishwashers typically clean the same amount of dishes and cooking utensils as built-in dishwashers.

Drawer dishwashers are available in single and double drawer models. Drawer dishwashers are installed underneath kitchen countertops, while countertop dishwashers rest on top of kitchen counterops. Similar to portable dishwashers, countertop models must be connected to kitchen faucets with a hose or an adaptor.

Each type of dishwasher features various wash, rinse and dry cycles. The price, capacity and efficiency also depend on manufacturer specifications. Descriptions, product information and reviews are available online through retailer and manufacturer websites or third-party product review websites.

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