What Types of Devices Use a 14.4-Volt Battery Charger?


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Most devices that use a 14.4-volt battery charger are moderately sized cordless power tools. Common 14.4-volt power tools include drills, automatic screwdrivers, angle grinders, jig saws and many types of sanders. Due to the slightly larger battery, 14.4-volt power tools hold a charge longer than 12-volt power tools, and they are also slightly more powerful. However, most 14.4-volt power tools do not hold a charge as long as more powerful 18-volt power tools.

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Some of the most common cordless power tools that use a 14.4-volt battery charger are drills. Generally, 14.4-volt cordless drills are moderately powerful, and they are able to handle more difficult tasks than 12-volt cordless drills. Drill-drivers, which drill and hammer at the same time, are also available in the 14.4-volt class.

The 14.4-volt battery is also a common power source for many types of small saws. The most common 14.4-volt cordless saws are jigsaws, used for making curving or intricate cuts. Small circular saws for cutting thin boards or planks are also available at this power rating. While most reciprocating saws require a more powerful battery, a handful of manufacturers produce 14.4-volt models of these tools. While 14.4-volt reciprocating saws might not be able to cut through the large variety of materials their larger cousins can, the smaller tools are more useful for making delicate cuts, particularly in tight spaces.

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