What Are the Types of Deer-Resistant Perennials?


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Some of the most popular deer-resistant perennials found in the flower garden are lavender, tickseed, mint, coneflower, lamb's ear, black-eyed Susan, and Shasta daisy. Additionally, plants such as the balloon flower and periwinkle, which produce milky-sap are also good for keeping deer away from one's garden.

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While deer will eat any plant if they're hungry enough, they typically avoid plants with heavy perfumes, or that are highly textured. They will also avoid plants that cause intestinal distress, such as those which produce sap, or other toxic substances.

For gardens that contain a wider variety of plants, commercial deer repellents such as Deer Away Big Game Repellent, can be used. These work primarily by inducing fear, since the scents within the repellents are ones that the deer normally associate with their predators. Additionally, gardeners can build a sturdy fence around the garden to keep the deer out.

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