What Are Some Types of Decorative Door Draft Blockers?


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Types of decorative door draft blockers include pillows, tubes, double-sided forms, snakes and other animals. A stopper is typically a tightly woven fabric shell filled with moisture-resistant material, and some stoppers fit on both sides of a door.

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The pillow and tube styles are the length of the door and fit against its base, forming a moveable barrier against drafts. The pillow types are plumper than the tubes. Both types rely on fabric pattern and color to provide decorative features. Some types are delivered empty with Velcro closures to allow changing the filling. Recommended fillers include dried beans, rice, play sand or kitty litter, all intended to prevent mildew.

Another type of draft stopper entails cutting a pool noodle in half and sewing each section into a sheet to form two tubes with a gap for under the door. This type stays in place, sliding with the door as it opens or closes. The double-sided draft stopper works well on floors without carpeting.

The snake styles are tubes with added features such as forked tongues, rattles, scales and eyes. Other animal versions portray creatures lying down with front legs outstretched. Cats, dogs, cows, tigers and leopards are species featured on draft stoppers. These are similar to stuffed animals. Another type shows a string of figures cut and sewed to each animal's shape with printed details on the fabric.

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