What Types of Decor Fit Well With Floor Medallions?


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Floor medallions add drama and flair to traditional, transitional and rustic decor. Medallions work particularly well in foyers, kitchens or baths, areas not generally overcrowded by furniture.

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The overall decor of the room helps determine the pattern of the medallion. Rustic decor generally calls for a medallion with a simple style, such as a star or other design often found on a quilt. Traditional and transitional spaces accommodate grander, more ornate medallions.

Compatible with hardwood, stone and tile, medallions add a decorative element, interest and depth to the room, especially in the open spaces. Homeowners can also create a medallion with paint. The size of the medallion in comparison to that of the room is important. Large medallions crowd a small space, while small medallions are lost in a large area.

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