What Are Some Types of Corner Molding Trim?


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Some types of corner molding trim include cove molding for right-angle inside corners, crown molding for wall and ceiling corners, corner bead for outside wall corners, rosette molding used to form corners at the top of door and window casings and on ceiling frames, and quarter round molding that is a quarter of a full circle rod and is useful as inside corner molding. Some molding is interior molding while other types are meant for exterior use.

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Some types of molding, such as back band, go with other types of molding and line the corners and edges of door casings and windows. Different types of trim have different levels of ornamentation and various widths. Other types that work well as the corner piece with a different type of main molding include corner blocks and corner guards. Many types of molding are made of wood, while others, such as outdoor molding, are made of vinyl.

Places where corner molding trim goes include baseboards, door and window casings, crown and chair rails. Other styles of molding include back band molding used for capping wainscot, baseboard, base cap, brick mold and bullnose mold. Casings, or the style of molding used to decorate walls, doors and windows, are generally the most noticeable type in a room, and long pieces of casing may be cut to meet at the corners.

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