What Are Some Types of Cookware Crofton Sells?


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Croften sells non-stick frying pans and ordinary pans as standard parts of their cookware sets. The brand also sells non-stick Dutch ovens, brasiers and grill pans.

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Some factors to consider when shopping for cookware is heat conductivity and durability. Some materials are better at conducting heat, which results in more evenly-cooked food. However, different materials also heat up in different ways, and purchasing a set you are not used to may result in having to adjust the way you cook.

Durability determines how well the cookware holds up to constant use and accidental damage. Some materials are more susceptible to damage than others, and damaging the cooking surface may affect the way that the food is cooked. Stainless steel is a durable and reactive material, though the non-stick surface may need reapplication after excessive use. Ceramic is another popular material that provides you with durability and longevity, though it may require cooking adjustments.

Consider the maintenance of the material as well, as certain metals and surfaces absorb the flavors of the food and need additional care and cleaning. Cast iron and copper are particularly susceptible to warping and cleanliness damage, resulting in cooking problems if you are not careful in your maintenance.

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