What Types of Cookware Can You Use on a Ceramic Stove Top?

Some types of cookware that are appropriate for ceramic stove tops are flat-bottomed metal pots and pans and smooth glass pans. Avoid using cookware with rough bottoms or edges to prevent scratching the stove top.

Cast iron pans generally cannot be used with ceramic stove tops because they have a rough bottom that can cause damage to the glass surface. Woks with a round bottom are not usable because they can move uncontrollably and the pans don't make enough contact with the glass surface to heat evenly. For ceramic cook tops that are heated through induction heat, using certain metal pans such as copper or smooth cast iron pans with a flat bottom is necessary because the surface of the cook top does not become hot. Instead, the pans themselves are heated, if they contain iron, when they come into contact with the magnetic fields produced by the stove top.

Although ceramic stove tops are considered to be convenient and durable, the glass surface can crack if it is overloaded. They require more careful cleaning habits, such as avoiding the use of stiff or rough scouring pads while using special cleaning products, because they can scratch easily. Ceramic stove tops are touted to be more efficient than traditional gas or propane stove tops.