What Types of Companies Seal Leaks Around Copper Pipe Fittings?


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Plumbers and plumbing companies are the types of businesses best suited to repair problems with pipe seals, pipe fittings and leaks in copper pipes. Although homeowners may be able to fix some leaks themselves, these solutions are often only temporary and cannot be permanently corrected without a professional plumber's expertise.

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Temporary fixes for leaking copper pipe fittings include commercial joint fillers, tapes, putties and fitting compounds. These items can be found at most local hardware stores, but usually only stop leaks temporarily. Permanent solutions for leaking copper pipes usually involve removing and replacing the leaking section of pipe as well as the pipe's fittings. This type of work requires experience with pipe fitting and soldering, and should be performed by a licensed plumber to ensure that it the work is completed properly so that the leak does not come back.

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