What Are Some Types of Ceiling Hanging Pot Racks?


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Some types of ceiling hanging pot racks include hanging pot racks with built-in lighting and custom hanging pot racks. There are also traditional hanging pot racks in circular, oval and rectangular shapes.

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Hanging pot racks with built-in lighting include racks with two lights equally spaced and part of the hanging fixture. There are also racks with lights around both the right and left edges. Some of the lighted hanging pot racks are made from wood, while others feature steel or other types of metal as the material. These come in square and oval shapes with clips included to hang the pots. Some of these racks feature an ornate design on the top, such as flowers, grapevine and scrolling patterns.

The custom hanging pot racks include a couple of unique designs and available colors. One pot rack features the words "Bon Appetit" in the metal above the rack along with grape leaves and decorative scroll work and two downward-pointing lights. There is a French scroll work hanging pot rack that resembles two ornate hearts that are connected and features four chains for suspension. The finishes for this pot rack include burnished copper, satin black, gun metal, aged iron and antique bronze. Each of these racks holds 12 pots each around the scroll work.

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