What Types of Carpets Are Best for Home Use?

What Types of Carpets Are Best for Home Use?

The types of carpet that are best for home use include Berber cut-pile, multi-level loop, cut-loop, saxony and textured plush. Among these carpets, saxony and cut-loop carpets work well for more formal decor, while the others generally fit better in more casual settings.

Berber cut-pile carpet is great for children's rooms and high-traffic areas. The flecks of color help to camouflage dirt, and the thick pile adds softness.

Multi-level loop works well in high-traffic rooms also and fits with many types of casual decor. The rugged surface hides footprints and vacuum marks.

The multicolor feature of cut-loop carpets hides dirt well. This carpet makes a good accent in formal and contemporary rooms.

Saxony carpets feature a smooth, soft surface and an elegant appeal. In addition to traditional dining and living room settings, the carpet holds up for children's rooms and family rooms.

Textured plush carpet is great for most any room in the home, even the busiest areas. The texture helps to camouflage marks.