What Types of Carpet Are Stain-Resistant?


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Stain-resistant carpets are made of wool, nylon, polyester or olefin. Unlike other types of carpets, wool carpets usually aren't treated with special stain-preventing chemicals. However, they are resistant to both water- and oil-based stains, while other carpet materials are resistant to only one type of stain. The drawback of wool carpets is their cost.

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Nylon is the most common carpet material. Its stain resistance depends on the quality of chemicals with which the fibers are treated. One nylon carpet can be very stain-resistant, while another can absorb any substance, so buyers should pay extra attention to the carpet manufacturer when choosing a nylon carpet. Nylon is somewhat less resistant to oil-based stains than wool.

While polyester and olefin are different materials, they have similar stain-proof qualities. These materials are oil-based, so they are very water-resistant, but they also attract oil-based liquids. It is best to use a polyester or olefin carpet in a room where it won't have much contact with oily materials. Aside from food, the two main sources of oil-based stains in a home are shoes and skin, so polyester and olefin are good choices for a room where nobody walks in their shoes or lies on the floor. These materials are fairly cheap.

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