What Types of Carpet Have Good Longevity?


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Some types of carpets with good longevity are wool, nylon, polyester and olefin carpets. Wool is widely considered the most durable and aesthetically pleasing carpet material. Wool carpets generally perform very well at resisting stains, and the carpet fibers are so dense that they resist dirt build-up as well. The downside to wool is its high price, which can be double or triple that of other carpet materials.

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After wool, the next longest-lasting carpet material is nylon, which is considerably more affordable. Nylon carpets come in a wide range of colors and styles and hold up to excessive foot traffic very well. The material is very durable, but it can be prone to staining. For this reason, most nylon carpets are treated with a stain treatment solution before they are installed, which increases the life expectancy of the material.

Polyester carpets aren't as durable as nylon ones, but they're naturally stain-resistant, whereas nylon carpets aren't. Furthermore, polyester carpets are cheaper than nylon and wool carpets and are environmentally friendly, as they are generally made from recycled materials.

Olefin carpets are very resistant to moisture, mildew, water damage, staining and piling. They're manufactured to appear similar to wool and come in a wide range of colors. One drawback to olefin is that it flattens relatively easily when exposed to large amounts of foot traffic.

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