What Types of Cabinets Does Rockler Make?


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Rockler makes decorative and functional flat, raised, RTF laminate and wood frame cabinets. These cabinets come in several styles, including Pueblo, traditional, fairway inlaid, Ashland inlaid and Washington. Rockler cabinets come in one of four basic types, which are slab, plank, frame-and-panel and frame doors.

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Rockler produces cabinets in several styles, including swing and pull out. These styles are categorized as drawers, doors and drawer fronts. Among the cabinet styles, slab and plank doors are the most basic. They have flat faces, and plank doors might have subtle decorations. Slab drawers are made of either veneer or medium-density fiberboard. Plank doors have a similar design, but are a bit heavier and made with solid wood. For designs, Rockler offers several inlaid patterns, including Fairway Inlaid Bead, Minden Inlaid Bead, Ashland Inlaid Rope and Pavilion Inlaid Bead. It also has doors in the Washington Victorian style, which features a smooth, flat cabinet door face with a signature pattern.

Rockler also has frame-and-panel doors, which are another common variety. These doors have a center panel or frame made of glass or wood. Panels can either be raised or recessed, and can have different patterns and designs. Some, like Ashland Inlaid Rope, come in a square shape. Others, like the Presidente Victorian and Traditional RTF, form the shape of an arch. Some cabinet doors have one panel, while others have two or more. Panels form vertical or horizontal patterns, and come with optional finishes.

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