What Are the Types of Beverages That a Colibri Coffee Machine Brews?

What Are the Types of Beverages That a Colibri Coffee Machine Brews?

There are three different versions of the Colibri coffee machine, each of which offers up to seven possible choices of tea, chocolate and coffee drinks. All Colibri coffee machines are customizable, allowing the user to choose what drinks are on offer.

The Colibri Instant version offers instant coffee drinks with or without milk, along with instant cappuccino, hot chocolate and hot water. The Colibri Espresso is a bean-to-cup version, which uses real coffee beans and can make espressos, bean coffee with or without milk, hot chocolate, chocolate espressos and either decaf coffee, hot water or tea.

The Colibri Leaf Tea version can make two different types of leaf teas, instant coffee with or without milk and cappuccino. This machine also comes with the option to allow the user to use a personal cup instead of having the machine provide one. The Leaf Tea version uses an espresso style brewer, which uses pressure to extract the maximum flavor from the tea and allows almost any type of leaf tea to be used.

All three versions of the Colibri coffee machine allow the user to choose whether they want sugar in their drink and to vary the amount of sugar.

Colibri coffee machines are manufactured by Necta, which also produces a wide range of other hot and cold beverage brewing machines.