What Are the Types of Bathtub Drain Stopper Mechanisms?

Types of bathtub drain stopper mechanisms include lift and turn, push and pull, trip lever, toe touch, flip-it, and pop-up. Each drain stopper has benefits and drawbacks, so one type is not necessarily better than another.

To close a lift and turn drain stopper, simply turn the knob on the top. This causes the stopper to fall into place. To open the drain, lift the stopper using the knob and turn it so the stopper does not fall back into the drain. A push and pull stopper resembles a lift and turn stopper, but it is pulled up to open the drain and pushed down to close it. This is similar to the toe touch stopper and the flip-it stopper, which are both pushed down to close the drain.

To operate a trip lever stopper, simply flip the switch up or down. This causes the plunger installed in the overflow pipe to engage or disengage. A pop-up drain stopper is similar to the stoppers used to close bathroom sink drains. A lever installed on the faceplate of the overflow is used to open and close the drain. This causes the lever in the overflow pipe to move when the switch is flipped. The linkage at the end of the lever uses a spring to put pressure on a rocker arm in the pipe that causes the pop-up mechanism to move up and down.