What Types of Antiques Are Available From Montgomery Ward?

What Types of Antiques Are Available From Montgomery Ward?

Montgomery Ward, an online catalog-based marketplace, does not sell antique items, but instead sells new items such as furniture, kitchenware, electronics, toys, gifts, home appliances, and bed and bath accessories. The store also sells clothing, jewelry and perfumes for both men and women.

Montgomery Ward’s catalog of kitchenware includes hundreds of items, such as cutlery, curtains, linens, kitchen tools, gadgets and cookware. Storage containers help save leftovers and keep them fresh, while products such as carts, racks, carousels and shelves are useful in organizing kitchen space and reducing clutter. Other useful items in the kitchenware range include kitchen accents: aprons, trash cans, glassware and servingware.

Montgomery Ward stocks furniture products for both outdoor and indoor living spaces. Apart from chairs, couches, beds and tables; fireplaces, outdoor gazebos, closets and clocks are also available. The furniture for children’s rooms is creative, colorful and comfortable, and includes everything from beanbag chairs and cribs to bookcases and study desks.

A number of home accessories are also available. The range includes rugs, decorative items, drapes and lighting appliances. Montgomery Ward also sells electronic items like cameras, tablets, phones and GPS navigation systems; as well as fitness equipment, gifts for special occasions and toys.

Customers purchasing products through Montgomery Ward can take advantage of the company’s credit scheme, which gives them the freedom to buy immediately but pay later in monthly instalments.