What Are the Best Types of Ant Traps?


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Sticky ant traps that contain a slow-acting, toxic bait are effective in controlling most types of ant infestations. Boric acid is an example of a slow-acting toxin that controls ant populations in the home.

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Place the traps directly in the path of foraging ants to ensure that the bait is readily available to the pests. If boric acid isn't available, traps that contain hydramethylnon are also very effective in controlling ant infestations. Standard glue traps can be baited with a sweet substance, such as jelly, to effectively trap ants without the use of poison. Glue traps do not kill the queen or the nest, however, so use them only in areas where toxins are not suitable, such as in areas where children can reach the trap. Use small amounts of boric acid powder in cracks and crevices to kill the nest.

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