What Types of Air Freshener Products Does Glade Produce?


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The types of air freshener products that Glade produces include air fresheners for cars, candles, wax melts, scented oils and sprays for carpets and rooms. There are many varieties of fragrances, such as floral, fruity, spicy, outdoor and tropical.

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A Glade refillable automotive unit fits over a car visor. Although normally they last about 45 days, users can increase the intensity of the scent by adjusting them to expose more of the refill fragrance. When users light up Glade jar candles, the candles burn for 28 to 30 hours with single or dual scents. Wax melts are cubes of scented wax that emit intense fragrance as they melt in an electric warmer. Scented oils and gels come in glass holders, jar-like containers or units that plug into an outlet to warm up the oil.

Glade carpet-and-room cleaner is a spray that emits fragrances that suffuse an area. Room sprays come in hand-held varieties controlled by the user or automatic varieties that emit fragrance when people pass by.

Some Glade fragrances come in fresh scents meant to emulate sunshine or clean linen. Floral scents include lavender, peach blossom, peony, rose and lilac. Among the fruity scents are apple, cherry, fresh berries, wild raspberry and passion fruit. Spicy scents include cinnamon, creamy custard, vanilla and pumpkin spice. A number of fragrances are a combination of scents intended to invoke a mood or theme.

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