What Are Some Types of Air Conditioning Units for Homes?


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The four main types of air conditioning units for homes are split systems, heat pumps, central air conditioners and ductless mini-split systems. Each type has its own advantages, and the right choice for homeowners depends on the size of the home and whether the home has existing ductwork.

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A split system has its evaporative heat exchanger unit inside the home, fitted a distance away from the outside-environment heat exchanging unit that condenses the air.

Heat pump air conditioners are similar to the split system in that they pump hot air from inside the house during summer and discharge it outside. In the winter, they extract warmth from the outside air and conduct it inside the house.

Packaged central air conditioners use a duct system and have an evaporator, condenser and compressor together in a single unit. Central air conditioners offer independent temperature control; the unit can be fitted outdoors or indoors.

Ductless mini-split systems do not require a home to have existing ductwork. Like the split system, the indoor evaporator is separate from the outdoor compressor and condenser. Their design also means air flow can be adjusted or shut off separately in each room. Ductless systems are more efficient, as they do not lose energy when transmitting air through ducts.

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