What Types of Air Conditioners Do Rent-to-Own Stores Typically Carry?


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Rent-to-own stores generally carry a wide range of air conditioners for various room sizes and uses. Air conditioners range in capacity from 1,000 BTU to 10,000 BTU, and come in models with varying efficiency ratings and features. Most of these stores carry a variety of brands, including top-rated brands such as GE, Emerson, Frigidaire and Kenmore, as well as bargain brands such as Arctic King.

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Air conditioners offered by rent-to-own stores come with various features including remotes, digital displays, automatic shut-off options and multiple fan speeds. Additional features include dry settings, Energy Star ratings, fan options and easy installation models. Most of the air conditioners come new with warranties, and include all hardware and parts necessary for installation and use.

Other air conditioners carried by rent-to-own stores include floor models, models for smaller or larger windows, models with heating capacity and older, simple models with manual dials and settings. Air conditioners available in these stores range in size from models designed to cool small rooms of 150 square feet or less, to large models that have the capacity to cool an entire floor. Though the features of each air conditioner vary, most rent-to-own stores carry enough different models to accommodate the needs of any buyer, with a range of prices to fit most budgets.

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