What Are Some Types of 1000-Liter Water Tanks?

What Are Some Types of 1000-Liter Water Tanks?

Some types of 1000-liter water tanks include plastic, steel, fiberglass and collapsible tanks, as well as tanks made of glass fused to steel. Rectangular and D-shaped units are additional types of 1000-liter water tanks, and large water tanks can be blow-molded, rotationally-molded or loft-style. Manufacturers also produce 1000-liter water tanks for specialized purposes, such as intermediate bulk containers and storage containers for purified water.

Ecosure's D-shaped 1000-liter water tanks feature a 6-inch vented lid that allows users to install a submersible pump easily, and they sit flush against a wall to connect easily with a down-pipe diverter for rainwater collection. The company also produces a 1000-liter underground potable water tank, which consists of rotationally-molded medium-density polyethylene.

Automobile detailers and window washers use rectangular baffled 1000-liter tanks for pressure washing, and rectangular tanks also come in various slimline designs for limited spaces. Manufacturers also produce rectangular water tanks that allow transport and storage via forklift.

Sarita's TUF blow-molded 1000-liter water tanks consist of 100-percent virgin high-density polyethylene and triple layer technology. The tanks are weather-resistant, and the opaque middle layer inhibits the growth of algae and bacteria. Loft-style tanks are rotationally molded, and they are suitable for stacking and limited storage spaces.

Manufacturers produce a wide variety of 1000-liter stainless steel tanks for water storage, including sterile tanks for the food industry, outdoor tanks for farming or irrigation, free-standing steel tanks, and water tanks on casters. Collapsible water tanks, or pillow tanks, are highly portable, and they are suitable for irrigation, rainwater collection, fire fighting, emergency storage and many other uses.