What Type of Stores Sell Room Dividers?

What Type of Stores Sell Room Dividers?

Home improvement stores, furniture stores and superstores with home decor departments are types of stores that sell room dividers. Examples of these stores include The Home Depot, Walmart, Kmart, Wayfair and Target. Many different styles, including multi-panel free-standing models and curtain rod style hanging room dividers, are available. The styles, designs and pricing vary from store to store.

Many of the free-standing models come in three, four and six-panel designs with construction materials commonly including wood, plastic, metal, bamboo and paper. This type of room divider is typically available in both four and six-foot high options.

Many of the designs incorporate bamboo or cherry wood construction and paper panels decorated with Asian-style artwork such as cherry blossoms and other floral patterns. Other Asian-influenced styles include wood frames with panels made from woven materials to provide a rattan appearance.

Some styles are more conventional with solid wood construction and picture holders or shelving mounted to one side for personalized decoration. Some designs also include large floral, animal, nature or cityscape prints completely covering one or both sides.

Hanging style room dividers require the installation of a curtain rod to support the fabric or vinyl curtain. Several color styles and material options are available for this type of room divider.