What Type of Services Does Peachtree Windows Offer?

Peachtree Windows and Doors does not offer services directly, as the company is only a manufacturer, but it does have authorized factory service providers that offer a few services. PWD Service is a factory authorized dealer that offers replacement parts for Peachtree Windows and Doors products.

The services provided by PWD include offering replacement door and window parts and helping customers procure those harder-to-find items. These items can be sent directly to the homeowner's residence. The parts carried by PWD as of 2015 include casement window parts, double-hung window parts, awning window parts, entry door parts, sliding and swing patio door parts, door replacement screen order forms, various window sashes, weather stripping and replacement window screens, notes PWDService.net.

The different parts have specific types of windows and doors they fit, so knowing the year or model that needs repairs or replacement is very important. The casement window parts are sorted by years. The year range overall goes from 1981 to 2013 models as of 2015. The double-hung windows have a different set of years, ranging from 1984 to 2008.

PWD Service may not be a customer's only option for replacement services. Each area of the country has access to different companies that offer repair services, replacement parts and possibly even installation. Customers need to check local listings to find these options.