What Type of Seed Variety Does Plantation Products Carry?


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Plantation Products carries a variety of seed types, including vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. This store offers seeds from brands such as American Seed, Ferry-Morse, Livingston Seed, McKenzie, NK Lawn & Garden and Jiffy, as of 2015.

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Plantation Products offers both seeds and small plants to include in a variety of gardens at different stages and seasons. In tomatoes, this store offers the varieties Mortgage Lifter, Rainbow Blend and Sungold Hybrid to ensure customers find the seeds needed to create a diverse garden with the plants desired. This retail outlet offers a variety of flower seeds as well. The store carries a couple varieties of sunflowers, camellia mixed colors, and it also offers a variety pack of flowering plants.

Plantation Products also sells spinach varieties and leafy greens along with root vegetables, such as beets, in seed form. This shop offers a variety of bean seeds, including Top Notch Golden Wax, Smeraldo and Rattlesnake. Shoppers can find a variety of herb seeds as well, such as thyme and anise. Customers can purchase seeds to grow a variety of watermelons for fruit during the summer months. Varieties of watermelon seeds sold by Plantation Products include Baby Doll, Early Canada and Mickylee, among others.

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