What Type of Security Alarms Does ADT Offer?

ADT offers several types of security alarms, including burglary, carbon monoxide, water and fire alarms. It also offers a hold-up alarm button for business security that is mountable at discreet locations, and it is available in both wireless and hardwired units.

The ADT burglar alarm system has two modes: Away and Stay. In the event of a violation, the alarm system contacts ADT and sends a message through a telephone line. Following the reception of the signal, the system may send additional messages following other violations. With a backup battery, the burglar alarm system works for several hours in the absence of power. In case of a low battery, the system sends a low battery signal to the Customer Monitoring Center.

ADT’s carbon monoxide alarm comes with a detector, backup battery and indoor sounder. When the system detects carbon monoxide, the experts at ADT contact the house occupants and assist them in immediate evacuation. The water alarm works as a flood monitoring system, and it responds to the leakage of water. The ADT fire alarm monitoring system links with six interconnected, ADT-owned Customer Monitoring Centers that have trained specialists.

The hold-up alarm from ADT features a button that transmits a radio frequency signal. It sends this signal to a receiver that causes a burglary alarm that alerts the central station.