What Type of Reviews Does the Maytag Maxima Receive?


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As of 2015, Maytag Maxima washing machine series receives mostly positive reviews, but there are a few mixed and negative reviews as well. Positive reviewers mention that the machine has a stylish finish, can clean and dry clothes fast, and is water and energy efficient.

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Maytag Maxima washing machines come in a variety of models, which receive varying reviews on different websites. Several reviewers mention that the machine has an attractive design and the dark reflective plastic surface makes it stand out. Some reviewers mention that the washer's touch display is easy-to-use and offers clear instructions. Many positive reviewers also mention that the washer operates very quietly as compared to previous models.

Several positive reviewers on Amazon cite the powerful performance of the Maytag Maxima. Other reviewers mention that the washer cleans clothes well, removes even the toughest stains and brings out drier clothes at the end of a cycle. The energy and water efficiency capabilities of the Maytag Maxima attract a number of positive reviews as well.

Negative reviewers mention that the machine requires constant maintenance, with one reviewer having to wipe the rubber gasket on the door frequently since it collects water and lint. A few reviewers complained about the durability of this machine with some washers breaking down after two years.

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