What Type of Reviews Do GE Double Wall Ovens Receive?

What Type of Reviews Do GE Double Wall Ovens Receive?

Reviews of GE double wall ovens are mostly positive, depending on the model. On websites for Amazon, Home Depot and Best Buy, most models have received an average rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars, as of February 2015, while ratings on Consumer Affairs are generally negative.

Many reviewers on Amazon say that GE double wall ovens have an attractive appearance, are easy to clean and use, and are supported by excellent customer service, as of 2015. A few give them negative reviews, with one stating that after accidentally spilling liquid into the slots on top, the control panel shorted out, while another claims that GE overstates the oven's capacity.

Reviews on Home Depot vary widely depending on the model, with some models rating higher on quality and value, while others rate higher on energy efficiency and features. An attractive appearance is often mentioned. A common complaint is poor temperature control.

On Best Buy, the reviews are mostly favorable with many reviewers citing ease of use, an attractive appearance and oven capacity. One reviewer finds the oven noisy and complains that the lower oven does not have a self-cleaning feature.

Consumer Affairs is mainly intended for submitting complaints and reporting negative experiences, so the reviews are almost entirely negative with specific details included. Many reviewers complain that the control panel on their oven failed, and a few complain that it can be hard to obtain parts for older models, as of 2015.