What Type of Regular Maintenance Does a LiftMaster Gate Opener Require?


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Regular maintenance processes that a LiftMaster gate opener requires are minor programming adjustments and a reset of the controls. Once a month, the owner should test the door's alignment and balance and test its safety reversal system.

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In case the gate does not close or open easily, the owner can reset the controls by following the instructions in the manual. Once in a while, he may need to make minor programming adjustments. Sometimes, problems with the gate opener are due to issues with the gate or the gate posts. Therefore, it is important to maintain the gate for the opener to work properly.

Once a month, the homeowner should check the gate to ensure it is in balance and aligns properly. To do this, he should disconnect the gate from the gate opener and try opening and closing it with one hand. It should close and open easily, otherwise it is not properly aligned. He should also open the door halfway and leave it. If it is not held in place by the springs, it is out of balance and needs servicing.

The homeowner should test the LiftMaster gate opener's safety system once a month and adjust it if necessary. He should check the electrical connections and lubricate moving parts once every six months. Once a year, he should lubricate the door's bearings, hinges and rollers using a lithium-based lubricant.

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