What Type of Paint Should You Use on Kitchen Cabinets?


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Many professionals prefer the smooth hard-wearing finish of oil-based paints for kitchen cabinets. However, old-based paints are difficult to clean up and emit strong fumes, making latex paints an attractive option for inexperienced painters. Among water-based paints, 100 percent acrylic formulas are preferable for kitchen cabinets.

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Because kitchen cabinets are exposed to a heavily trafficked, variable environment, a durable paint finish is important to longevity. Compared to latex paints, oil-based paints create a harder surface, last longer and provide a smoother application with less work. They also resist stains and require less prep before painting. Latex paints are a good option when the drawbacks of oil-based paints outweigh the benefits. For even greater durability, kitchen cabinets should be painted in a satin or semi-gloss sheen that is easy to clean.

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