What Type of Items Can You Buy From Glass Works Auctions?

Items that can be bought at a Glass Works auction include bitters bottles, bottles crafted with unique imagery, stoneware, water bottles and flasks. Regardless of the type of bottle, each comes in a variety of colors and most date back to the 19th century.

Bitters bottles comes in a variety of colors but are typified by their amber or brownish color. Their aesthetic value is judged by the air bubbles present, which give a textured look to the product. Another group of bottles that is sold consists of bottles designed in the shapes of Native Americans and other human imagery. Stoneware includes a group of pottery products that are often accentuated with print designs on the exterior, such as floral designs.

Other products include soda or mineral water bottles, which are typified by their rounded shapes and bright bluish colors. Flasks make up another category and are typified by their smaller appearance and ergonomic design for handheld grip. The condition of these products ranges from like-new to damaged. Any refurbishing to the product is included in the product description. Damage to bottles of all types typically includes cracks and fissures. The severity and location of the damage are also included in the description.