What Type of Insecticide Controls Cutworms?


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Toxic pesticides and insecticides often do damage to home gardens, so experts generally advise using the natural chemical bacillus thuringiensism to manage cutworm infestations. Bacillus thuringiensism and other pyrethrin sprays are very effective against caterpillars and leaf-eating worms, and they do not damage other plants in the garden.

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Cutworms are moth larvae that emerge from hibernation in the spring and consume a wide variety of plants, including beets, kale, broccoli, potato tubers and several different types of fruit. There are some strategies that gardeners can use to ensure their gardens are safe from cutworms. Delaying planting in the spring, sprinkling used coffee grounds around plants, and spreading diatomaceous earth around vulnerable plants are all effective ways to halt the progress of cutworms.

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