What Type of Information Is Found in the "Plant Encyclopedia"?


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The Plant Encyclopedia contains information on all types of plants including trees, vegetables, shrubs, aquatics and vines. Information is also available about fungi, perennials, ferns, annuals and mosses, in addition to orchids, ground covers, houseplants and grasses. It also shows which plants grow in each region across the globe. As of 2015, more than 300,000 plants are listed in the encyclopedia.

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Each category is defined and broken down to cover every plant species recognized by botany science. Each species has a profile that includes its scientific name, common name, cultivation, characteristics and uses, in addition to providing pictures and information about its hardiness zone.

The cultivation section tells how easy it is to grow the plant, as well as the amount of light, the type and pH level of the soil, and the amount of moisture it needs. The characteristics section shows the form of the plant, and its habit, as well as descriptions of the flower, seed, fruit and foliage. The about section describes the plant, lists the plant's name and discusses the history of the plant. The uses section describes what the plant can be used for and the history of its use.

The hardiness zone section of the encyclopedia gives information on the types of plants that grow in every region across the globe.

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