What Type of Hardware Do You Use for Hidden Doors?


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Three-way adjustable concealed hinges, mechanical touch latches and magnetic touch latches are three types of hardware used for hidden doors. Unlike hinges with exposed barrels, concealed hinges blend seamlessly into the environment and make a door appear hidden. Touch latches use latch mechanisms and strike plates for a hardware-free look, sometimes aided by magnets.

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Concealed hinges are hidden when doors are closed and are adjustable in three directions for a precise fit, suitable to achieve a "hidden" look. When the door is open, the hinges are visible but are flush with the door frame and the door itself.

A mechanical touch latch uses ratchets that engage and keep the door closed, paired with a spring mechanism that pushes the door open when touched. Touch latch hardware is installed entirely inside a door, so no latches or handles are required to operate it. When paired with a concealed hinge, a door appears to be hidden in the surrounding architecture.

A magnetic touch latch uses a magnet on a spring-loaded plunger that pushes inside its casing and compresses a spring when the door is closed. The spring releases when it is pushed, opening the door. For best results when hiding a full-size, solid-core door, use a touch latch with 12-pound opening force, non-corrosive alloy and titanium components. Touch latches intended for smaller cabinet doors cannot handle the weight of full-size doors.

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