What Type of Hardware Is Needed When Constructing a Rolling Barn Door?


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Deck screws, pocket-hole screws and a door handle are required for constructing a rolling barn door. These, combined with a selection of pine, pallet boards and red cedar, are the basic elements needed for this home improvement project.

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Deck screws measuring at 1 1/4 inches are preferable as well as a selection of 3-inch deck screws and 1 1/4-inch pocket-hole screws. Select the door handle based on relevant space restrictions and aesthetic preference.

In addition to the necessary hardware, several building supplies are required to complete the job, including two tubes of panel construction adhesive, wood glue and paste wax. When using reclaimed wood, it is best to get 100-grit sandpaper to refine the door to the proper smoothness. Depending on the desired aesthetics of the final product, latex paint may also be necessary.

To combine all the needed elements with precision, use a miter saw, speed clamp and straight edge, which can dramatically improve the final result. It is also advisable to have a bubble level as well as a pocket hole jig kit. Although such tools are not an absolute necessity, they can dramatically reduce the amount of time required for the project and give the final product a more professional look.

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