What Type of Hardware Do You Need to Build a Storage Shed Door?

The hardware required to build a shed door includes 1-inch wood screws, L-brackets, hinges, a door handle and a hasp set. Other necessary tools include a tape measure, circular saw, wood clamps, drill and screwdriver bits.

In addition to hardware and tools, the construction of a shed door requires materials that depend on the door's intended design. For instance, a simple plywood model requires a sheet of plywood, wood glue and 1- by 4-inch wood boards. A custom shed door requires 1- by 6-inch, 1- by 4-inch and 1- by 8-inch clear lumber, as well as beaded board plywood and Plexiglass. This door also requires two sawhorses, a hammer, a brad nail gun and a speed square.

Building a shed door requires measuring the opening and marking these measurements onto the plywood. After cutting the plywood, it is necessary to cut the boards and affix them to the plywood as reinforcement. This process requires the wood screws and wood glue, as well as the drill, wood clamps and screwdriver bits. Sawhorses provide the necessary work space. To hang the door onto the shed, L-brackets and hinges are necessary. Finally, the builder must use a hasp set to install the door handle.